Group: netwin.surgemail
From: David Camm <>
Subject: [SurgeMail List] it's been a trip...........
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 18:02:58 -0600

we 'found' netwinsite and dmail in 2000. i honestly don't remember 
exactly how. since then, we've provided service for over 600 customer 
accounts with nary a hitch. unbelievably stable code. unbelievable support.

in 2009, my wife and i were in aukland at the start of a cruise and we 
were delighted to be met by chris and marijn who drove us around and 
were kind enough to take us for tea in the beautiful park on one tree 
hill. that's an experience we will never forget. for those of you who 
were around then, i posted a picture of me (5'7") between chris and 
marijn (giants!) in the lobby of our hotel.

over this past year, we have changed direction, and due to my advancing 
age and the desire to decrease my workload - and not having to worry 
about managing six web servers, two dns servers and a surgemail server, 
i'm close to shutting all the servers down  - one email domain and five 
websites to go.

i'm happy to report that the majority of our surgemail customers agreed 
to sign up with another surgemail-based service.

my friends, it's been one hell of a trip.

thank you all who've responded to my questions in the past, and 
hopefully, i've been able to help on occasion as well.

i wish you all the best going forward.

surgemail rules!!!!

david camm
advanced web systems (now part of dialogs apps, inc.)
keller, tx