Group: netwin.surgemail
From: "George W." <>
Subject: wanting to run a small private surgemail instance in the cloud
Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2017 16:02:03 -0600


I have run/used surgemail for a really long time, going on 20 years.  I used other Netwin products before that, such as Dnews.  I was early enough to have requested and received many features in surgemail, with at least 75% of my requests turned into actual features we all use today.  So forgive me if I feel like Surgemail is *my* mailserver sometimes...  But I digress.

I sold off my ISP years ago, but continued to use the mail server as a client.  However through a series of events and changes, I lost my email address that I have used since 1993, and again the one I replaced it with some 10 years ago.  I'm tired of using someone elses server...  So I'm planning on building a private 2-server "cluster" in the cloud, to handle email for myself, and perhaps my wife.  So a really small server.  Obviously I'm wanting the minimal cost vm's out there for this, to make it affordable.  Of course that means a single core with minimal memory. 

Do any of you run a similar system?  If so, what are the minimum specs for memory?  2gigs is the minimum for 1000 users, so a 512m system should work for 2 users, if we don't do anything else on that server.  Right?  I'll be running Linux of course.

I would run it at home, but I have limited ISP options where I live, and business class service is needed if I run a server of any kind...  I should be able to get away with running webmail from home (or put it on another VM in the cloud).  

I want to run redundant mirrored servers just because I'm wanting some degree of fault tolerance, and those mirrored servers will be in different cloud spaces, as I want to have my data survive a failure in the cloud as well...  I don't expect performance issues with mirroring as there will be so few users there just won't be enough mail to cause a bottleneck.


Anyone else running surgemail in minimal environments?

From: "Stuart" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 20:11:39 -0600

"George W." <> wrote:
>Anyone else running surgemail in minimal environments?

I've tried maybe seven hosting vendors, am currently using, 2 hosting centers, Orlando and Toronto. The servers are VPS containers, Win Server 2012 R2, 80GB SSD, Surgemail mirrored. Hotmail objects to the pub IP from the Orlando master instance, but I haven't tried to work with them. I did have one paying client that could not send mail to a large accounting firm (their servers bounced the mail), so I gave them SurgeWeb access to the slave to _send_mail to that user, which so far has worked out. has a control panel that lets me set PTR records, which I like. Their support is 24/7/365, but haven't needed it in the last six months.