Group: netwin.surgemail
From: surgemail-support <>
Subject: Re: [SurgeMail List] Policy requires you to change your password
Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2017 09:52:23 +1200

To reset it change the password :-)

Or delete the file force_pass.dat from the users mailbox.


On 4/04/2017 4:46 a.m., wrote:
> When logging in via Surgeweb to a seldom used account, I get the message
> quoted in the subject of this email.
> However, it still lets me log in with the "old" password, and I cannot
> find any place to set or reset a password expiry time. I presume this is
> stored as some kind of hidden field in NWAUTH. How do I set a new limit
> or remove the expiry limit entirely?
> SurgeMail Version 7.2i-1, Built Feb 21 2017 21:42:03, Platform Windows
> (Surgeweb Enabled)
> Neil