Group: netwin.surgemail
From: surgemail-support <>
Subject: [SurgeMail List] Re: lock user - g_msg_max
Date: Fri, 5 May 2017 15:25:35 +1200

You could set the account status (mailstatus field) to



g_mailstatus_message state="readonly" message="Large message stuck in outlook, please remove it or contact for assistance"
However, remember most email clients don't bother to show the user the error message when a login fails sadly, so the user is more likely to see an email than this error message.

You would also have to reset the account status manually.


On 5/05/2017 10:57 a.m., wrote:
2017-05-05 00:29:34.81 [5137367] Rejected <info@domain.tld> <> 20000813  <099101d2c526$207df340$6179d9c0$@domain.tld> "[.fake_nodots] Message exceeded limit 20000k/20000k g_msg_max";

User is constantly trying to send to big mail(for hours).
Mail has stuck in outlook.

Is there a way to blok/lock user for X minutes and giving user reason why hi can't do smtpauth login and why he was locked.

Darko Bazulj

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