Group: netwin.surgemail
From: surgemail-support <>
Subject: [SurgeMail List] Re: change Surgemail Authentication modules
Date: Mon, 15 May 2017 10:20:14 +1200

That's not easy and depends on what you can do with mysql. 

step 1 export the data from mysql including hashed passwords

You should get most of what you want like this:


    search *

but the hashed passwords may be an issue...

step 2, reformat it to match nwauth.txt format   username:hashedpassword: other data...

step 3, test it :-)


On 13/05/2017 7:15 a.m., wrote:
I have been using MySql ro authenticate users using Surgemail.  It has worked flawlessly. I provision MySql with billing system Platypus by doing a remote server update from Platypus' MsSql database.   I have decided to eliminate MySql entirely and update Surgemail with the Surgemail API through Platypus.  Again I want to eliminate MySql.  How can I update NWAuth with all of my users from MySql to do the changeover without having to manually update each user in Platypus?

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