Group: netwin.surgemail
From: Lyle <>
Subject: [SurgeMail List] AVAST and ClamAV
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:37:31 -0500

I want to run both ClamAV and AVAST on my Surgemail installation.

ClamAV (via SCAVS) uses:

g_virus_cmd_drop "true"

g_virus_filter cmd="/usr/local/bin/" type=""

g_virus_rename "true"

g_vpipe_concurrent "12"

g_vpipe_skip ",::1"

g_vpipe_notag "true"

While AVAST asks for the following:

g_virus_filter cmd="av_avast" type=""

g_virus_avast "true"

g_virus_avast_hour ""

Not sure how to combine the two different g_virus_filter lines in 

I like the spam addons available with ClamAV and I certainly don't mind 
running multiple AV engines.  But just not sure how to enable both, if 
that's possible.


Lyle Giese

LCR Computer Services, Inc.